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I love Dr. Miles.  I recently moved here from NYC and needed to find a replacement Plastic Surgeon in the area.  Dr. Miles has the gift.  If you need your lips filled, your forehead frozen and other beauty procedures done to make you look and feel more beautiful look no further - he is your man. No one knows I had work done they just think I look well-rested and rejuvenated.  He is a G-D.  Plus he has the lightest touch when it comes to injections.  Can't wait for my next apt. Your lover will be happy and your friends will be JEALOUS!!!!

Aimee E.
Bethesda, MD

Fantastic Doctor!

Dr. Miles is a superior surgeon. He performed a perfect breast augmentation on me. Dr. Miles has excellent creditials, years of experience, a successful track record and an ability to give the patient the personal attention required to determine what it is they truly desire in the area of plastic surgery. My experience was simply a joy from beginning to end. In addition, his staff is very professional and warm. I would choose Dr. Miles for any procedure that I needed performed. If you are serious about plastic surgery, then Dr. Miles is the only choice to make. Thank you Dr. Miles for changing my life for the better!

Isabel C.
West Orange, NJ

I've been seeing Dr. Miles for over 6 years... Dr. Miles is my everything. I don't know what I would do without him. He always makes himself available for his patients (last-minute appointments, phone, emails, texts...) and he always tries to find out other and better treatment options. Most recently, Dr. Miles performed a surgery that I've been meaning to have since I was a teenager. I had seen numerous surgeons since then but it took me almost 20 years to have this done because I was waiting for this one surgeon whom I could trust and who would listen and understand.  Dr. Miles listened and understood. I knew he couldn't fail me. And he didn't. The results are nothing short of AMAZING. I'm beyond ecstatic. Dr. Miles has saved my life and has changed me for the better. As I'm writing this, I'm pretty emotional because I had been waiting for this day since I was 13, and even, sometimes, I feel like I'm dreaming. He truly saved my life. Dr. Miles is my surgeon, my PCP, my therapist,... you name it! He's everything to me! I don't know where I'll be if it weren't for him. He gave me hope when I had lost it all. I'm so grateful! He's truly and simply the BEST! And his staff is wonderful as well.

Hawa C.
Sydney, Australia

Really great doctor! I work every day with surgeons and let me tell you some of them leave much to be desired when it comes to bedside manner. Dr. Miles is awesome- articulate, easy to talk to, informed, and not at all pushy! Beautiful attention to detail with Botox. Thank you.

Stephanie Jo M.
Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Miles is not only a fantastic surgeon and extremely knowledgeable about his business, he is also extremely personable and has an excellent bedside manner. I met him because my sister was in a car accident, and he was the surgeon at the hospital who had to put her face back together. I fell in love with him then. I knew he would be my plastic surgeon, should I ever need one. Time passed and one of my breast implants busted. Though it seemed devastating, he was an angel in disguise throughout the whole process (just like he was with my sister). He gave me his recommendations and was never pushy with anything. I ended up having both implants removed and had a breast lift. I am now Au Naturale and I love it! I always had a lot of questions about everything, along with future potential procedures. He took the time to answer each one and never made me feel rushed. I wholeheartedly recommend him for any procedure. You will walk away feeling like you have a new friend for life, and love the results as well!

Kristina H.
Owings, MD

If I could give Dr. Miles 6 stars I would!  Dr. Miles has helped me with a rare skin disease over the past 6 months.  He has been truly been a lifesaver!  He has helped me to understand my condition and takes the time to explain treatment options.  He recently performed a skin resection, and my results have been better than I ever thought they could be. Since my surgery, Dr. Miles has been extremely proactive and helpful with my further treatments.  As busy as he is, he always makes time for his patients.

Whether it is a condition that needs attention or a cosmetic procedure, I highly recommend Dr. Miles.  His staff is also great, always eager to help his patients.

Jess S
Arlington, VA

You think of plastic surgeons as guys who botox your lips or give you a chin lift. But this guy is a lot more than that. For me, he was a pain manager, and he was the best I ever saw. I suffer from chronic abscesses, which, if you have ever experienced them, are incredibly painful. If you've got one in the right place, it makes it almost impossible to walk. I've seen so many doctors for this in my life that don't seem to factor in the pain of incising and draining one of these brutal boils, but when I was referred to Dr. Miles, it all changed. He knows how much they hurt before and during treatment and makes the effort to keep you as calm and as comfortable as possible. He uses special, thin syringes to lessen the pressure of local anesthetic injections, and somehow manages to make outpatient procedures virtually painless. After all of my horrible prior experiences, I was loathe to have one of these procedures done in his office instead of in the hospital with a general anesthetic as he repeatedly suggested, but when I finally gave in, I was amazed. This guy is truly one of a kind.

Arthur W
Washington, DC

Dr. Miles is absolutely the best!  He has assisted me with several cosmetic needs... I am extremely satisfied. His patience and kind attention to detail are remarkable.  You are in good hands with Dr. Wendell G. Miles.

T. M.
Bowie, MD

Dr. Miles is an exceptional plastic surgeon!  He's extremely kind, knowledgeable, and a true professional.   Dr. Miles listens attentively to his patient's concerns, then formulates the best reasonable cosmetic plan of action,.. with thorough attention to detail.  His cosmetic techniques and results are magnificent!

Twyla M.


I went to Dr. Miles to have a consultation for breast augmentation and chin liposuction. The office setting and staff were phenomenal.  Dr. Miles has a great bedside manner, and he made me feel very comfortable.  I had Dr. Miles perform my chin liposuction and the results are nothing short of amazing!!!  My facial profile from the front and side look so much better.  I am definitely recommending my friends and family to him for all of their cosmetic needs and will be scheduling my breast augmentation with him as soon as possible.

Tomeka R.
Odenton, MD


Dr. Miles is exceptional! He’s professional,  informs you of what to expect, and the results from his work are amazing! He is very kind and empathic! He performed a fat graphing procedure under my eyes and the results are everything and more! Easy procedure, not painful, I look younger and more vibrant! I would go back to him and him only for any future procedures including Botox!!!

Katie M.

First...agree 200%(!) with the excellent reviews posted.  Too bad only 5 stars are available!   Over the past many years, we have been thru at least 25 doctors.  We can truly say, he is a very special Dr.  From patient reviews, he is clearly good at what he does.  More importantly, he delivers that all-important human touch.   From the first visit, he made us feel valued, spent a lot of time, listened, and treated us as if we were his only patients!  He gives excellent advice and works closely with us and our other doctors.   He does not rush into surgery.  And...does wound-vac dressing changes AND throws his own trash.  Also, his staff is always pleasant and helpful.  A great doctor; a superb practice.

Evan M.

Very professional and very skilled! Very pleased with the results. 5 stars!

Rame M

Love Dr. Miles. I saw him for keloid removal and honestly, a procedure I've had done five times. Previously they were all with dermatologists, but seeing a surgeon significantly minimized the scarring. Plus, Dr. Miles and his staff are incredibly personable. There was music playing during the procedure and lots of laughs. Highly recommend.

Aaron G.


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