Thigh Lift

The combined effects of gravity, fluctuations in weight, and a loss of skin elasticity all contribute to the loss of tone in the thighs as we age. A thigh lift is a surgical procedure to remove skin and fat from the inner thighs to tighten the skin and improve overall contour. Thigh lift surgery can drastically improve the appearance of your thighs.

You will be evaluated at the time of consultation to see if a thigh lift is appropriate for you. If your thighs have a lot of excess fatty tissue, liposuction may be performed. If after a few months your thigh skin has not shrunk down enough, you might benefit from a thigh lift. If the skin of the inner thigh sags or is loose, you would be a candidate for a thigh lift, as it will tighten the skin and smooth the appearance of the inner thigh.

The outer thigh is best treated by liposuction alone. Deposits of fatty tissue in this area are often called saddlebags and respond well to liposuction. Fat distribution in the saddlebag area of otherwise thin patients may sometimes be hereditary. It is rare that a lateral thigh lift is needed if you have not experienced massive weight loss.

In massive weight-loss patients, when the skin of the outer thigh sags, it is usually in conjunction with the buttocks. In this case, the outer thigh lift is performed together with a buttocks lift. This procedure is often called a lower body lift.

Thigh-lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure and is therefore not covered by insurance. The specific risks and the benefits of thigh lift surgery for a given individual can be determined only at the time of consultation. All surgical procedures have some degree of risk. Minor complications that do not affect the outcome occur occasionally. Major complications are rare. Consultations are free.


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